Training With Broken Bones and Sprains

We have all seen someone running with their arm in a sling or hobbling along with a quite visible injury and furthermore, we have probably all thought how brave they were. Whilst a break or a sprain is not necessarily the end of the road for training, it most certainly should be something that puts […]

Medication and Breastfeeding

None of us are born perfect and this is also true for expectant and recent mothers. In fact, a lot of previously dormant health conditions can flare up during pregnancy and early motherhood (the body is ever changing and may suddenly decide to upset the balance.) Other conditions can certainly present themselves out of the […]

Signs Your Baby Needs Something Different

Whilst all mothers do their absolute best to ensure breastfeeding is an enjoyable and beneficial experience for their baby, it is still, nonetheless, a learning curve. What one baby loves, another one may hate the taste of and allow to get in the way of enjoying their feed. Other babies may develop food intolerances (very […]

The Best Foods to Eat When Breastfeeding

Remember that breastfeeding is the most natural way for a mother to pass nutrients down to her child; when the mother eats, she can reasonably expect the baby to consume a diluted version of the same. This is why there needs to be a concerted effort to eat certain foods. Here are some of the […]

Alcohol and Cigarettes – A Breastfeeding Nightmare

Doctors will quite rightly warn expectant mothers of the risks of consuming alcohol and cigarettes whilst pregnant. The toxins in both of these are worse than any kind of bad diet and in this crucial stage, can directly harm the foetus. But many new mothers, often under a lot of stress, will revert back to […]

Food and Drink to Avoid When Breastfeeding

There are websites, leaflets and a ton of freely available medical advice about what food and drink to consume when pregnant or trying to conceive. However, many women feel that once the baby is born, a lot of the advice dries up and they are left wondering what they can and can’t eat without fear […]

Holidays and Food Intolerance

There is a lot of advice online about what foods to eat when you’re travelling abroad if you have a specific dietary requirement. This is all well and good if you follow that diet out of choice; however, for someone with an intolerance, it can often be an absolute nightmare. It often becomes a case […]

Dieting on a Budget When Travelling

There are two things which sometimes feel hard to do on holiday or whilst travelling: dieting and eating on a budget. When faced with all manner of restaurants offering fried, roasted and indulgent dishes, it can feel like we are up against it calorie wise. It can also get very expensive to eat out every […]

A Holiday Keto Diet

The keto diet is something which many people claim they have difficulty following when they are on a break or a holiday. However, it’s only difficult if you want it to be. No matter where in the world you are, there are a plethora of Keto friendly foods in pretty much every region. Remember that […]

A Vegetarian Holiday

One of the best ways to ensure that holidays do not become an absolute dietary mess is to overdo the discipline in another way. If you are following a keto diet or low fat diet for example, look at eating only locally sourced and grown dishes, or as another option, try going vegetarian for your […]